Tippity Tap Writing and Creative Services offers high-quality website content for almost every industry. Whether you need a one-off job to get your site off the ground, or you need on-going blogs, articles and landing pages, I can help. My services include:

Website content audits

Unsure of what to do with your content? I have many years of experience writing content for websites around Australia and the world. I have written blogs and content for almost every industry and type of business imaginable. This has given me a good eye for how content should look, how it should read, and how to spot weaknesses on a business’s website. A website content audit will produce a report outlining the state of your content and recommendations for improvements, which could be anything from errors and poor writing to ideas for more pages. blogs and articles. Whether you choose to use my services further or not, you can be assured of an objected, experienced assessment of your website.

Website writing

The bare bones of every site are the home page, the about us page and the contact page. From there, you can add as many extra pages as you like. It all helps build your website’s presence and make it more effective at promoting your brand. Landing pages, product descriptions… whatever you need, I can do. 

Content for SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is no longer a way to trick Google and other websites into putting your site on its front page. Instead, SEO best-practice now means ensuring your content is unique, exceptional and answers the questions people ask their search engine. Tippity Tap creates work that adds real value to your site, incorporates keywords and phrases seamlessly, and doesn’t fill your site with meaningless junk.


There’s no better way to make your businesses a go-to destination than to share your industry expertise with your audience. Regular blogs and articles are vital for establishing your business as an expert in the field, answering questions that Google is being asked and building trust between your brand and your audience. Updating your website consistently is also a major SEO signal and writing a weekly blog is a great place to start. Tippity Tap can take your expertise and turn it into an article that captures your readers’ attention and shines a light on your wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Proofreading and editing

If your content is all ready to go, Tippity Tap can give it a thorough proofread, pick out any errors and make suggestions to help your words sing. You may need editing for an entirely practical reason (such as your article is too long) or just to make sure your grammar and spelling are perfect. Let me know what you need and I will deliver. 

Stock music

I have a wide range of stock music that is being frequently updated, with new pieces available regularly. If you require something bespoke, I can do that too. Simply get in touch with the specs of what you require and I can create music that will bring your video to life.

Take a look at the pieces currently available and be sure to check back regularly for more music. If you like what you hear, but want a slight adjustment, I’ll be happy to get it just right for you. Whether that means more guitar, less piano, faster, slower, whatever…