Stock music for businesses

Bespoke and Stock Music for Small Businesses

Why would a small business need music? In a word: video. Video is the future and present of content, which means there is no time like the present to get started. Tippity Tap has an ever-growing range of stock music for you to download and use however you wish. It’s all free. Chop it up, loop it, reverse it, play it loudly or quietly – whatever you want. All you have to do is tell your friends. If you like something or use something, just spread the word.

Commission a composer to create a piece that’s just for you

If you need something more unique, Tippity Tap can do that too. Give a mood, a genre, a style, a mute video that needs a voice, or just hum a few notes – we’ll take it from there.

Fast mobile internet and mobile smartphones have created the perfect environment for video. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all social media channels, provide the perfect platforms for businesses to post and share videos with their audience, wherever they happen to be.

Our music is also great for any multimedia projects you’re working on that needs a soundtrack. We’re always looking for opportunities to collaborate and create, so talk to us about working together.

We can also help you with your audio and video editing and production

There’s a myth that video or music requires great expense. If you just want a simple video edited, or a piece of audio edited, or a podcast edited, cleaned and polished, Tippity Tap can help. Sure, there might be a time where you need to bring in a specialist, but do you really want to pay their premium when all you need is a picture flipped, or a video cropped or some audio compressed? Tippity Tap’s turnaround is fast, which makes us almost as good as having someone in the office who knows how to use Logic Pro, Photoshop or iMovie.

Find out more about our creative services

Tippity Tap is more than just writing business. Digitally native and avid users of technology, we have the ability to help you with a huge range of creative tasks. The small details matter, so if you need wide-ranging digital skills, get in touch today. Send us an email at