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Content is king. Everyone says so. But what does that actually mean? Is it merely having some writing on your website that is just there to hold keywords and phrases? Recent Google search algorithm updates are pushing the whole concept of rankings away from how keywords are positioned. This isn’t news. Every update to their algorithms – Panda, Penguin, PageRank, Hummingbird and countless others – has been designed to reward great content. A site can be determined as “thin” despite having hundreds of pages of blogs and service pages if those pages are of low quality. Content farms, the ones where you’ll be offered blogs for $20, specialise in content that is unique, but that’s not enough anymore.

Great content matters for your business, regardless of your industry

The internet is awash with blogs and articles that are, at their core, all the same. Sure, they’ll use the words in a different order to skip past a plagiarism checker, but the ideas won’t be original or the conclusions based on anything more than a Google search. What do you think content is worth to your site if it is simply a rehashing of the successful search results? Not much.

Promote your position as the expert in your field with great writing

Regular blogs are a good way of establishing your expertise in an industry. Or, if you’re just starting out, your blog could be a project that helps you learn more about what you do. Either way, researching and writing will provide not only rich content for the Google bots to crawl, but will enable your audience to see what you know and what you have to offer. The internet, regardless of your business or industry, is fiercely competitive. It’s not just a matter of telling people what you do but proving what you know, what you can do, and why people should trust you to perform to high standards.

Tippity Tap Writing can’t become experts in everything but can turn your research, experience and knowledge into well-written and easy-to-read articles. Your blogs need to be engaging and not just a whole page of jargon, and they must be coherent, which includes grammar, spelling, tone, and flow. Tippity Tap specialises in content that doesn’t sit limply on the screen, but instead engages and educates, bringing real value to your website and audience.

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Contact Tippity Tap Writing today and find out more about what I can do for your website. Leave your details in the contact form with details of your project. I will assess the scope and provide a quote. Please bear in mind, I don’t work at an hourly rate, nor do I quote per word or page. I will give you a total for the whole project. That way, everyone knows where they stand, regardless of whether it takes me five hours or 10.