A content audit for a fresh perspective

A Tippity Tap content audit is a fast and affordable way to find out how your site’s content is doing. At just $150, with a three-day turnaround, it’s a lot easier and more affordable than bringing in a full-time specialist. You probably only need a push in the right direction anyway. Your content audit report will give you a map to improve your site’s written content and ensure your site is working for you.

What is a content audit and why is it important?

Internet technology moves quickly and the quality of what is on your site is more important than ever. A Tippity Tap audit ensures your website’s content is relevant and up-to-date.

What do I know?

I have been copywriting, editing, proofreading and optimising content for search engines for a decade. My work has been published on websites far and wide, and I have learnt from some of the best SEO brains in the business.

Take a look at my LinkedIn profile for a breakdown of my experience.

What will a content audit include?

It isn’t just making sure you’re not advertising a meat raffle from 1995, but that your content is written for the 2018 digital marketing world.

A content audit is:

  • Proofreading and editing of your written content for grammar and spelling
  • Assessing the number of pages on your site and the word count to see how much you’re giving search engines to crawl.
  • Looking at the keyword integration, checking for relevancy and how naturally the writing reads.
  • Assessing the frequency of your content updates.

Once I have looked through your site and read your content, I will provide a detailed report that addressed each of the main aspects. It will include suggestions for:

  • New pages
  • Practical ways to improve the existing content
  • Ideas for blogging and brand-building content that focuses on showcasing your expertise.

What if you don’t care about your website?

This isn’t solely about your search engine ranking results. It’s making sure your business is well-represented.

Whether you care about your site or not, and you should, if your site only has three pages or your blog was last updated in 2012, then your site isn’t adding any value to your business. In fact, a shoddy looking website will only serve to give potential clients a reason not to use your services. Building trust with your visitors and turning your visitors into leads, then into sales, hinges of their perception of your business. If you don’t convince them can do the job, they’ll move to a business that looks like they can.

In 2018, a website isn’t just a place for a potential customer to find your phone number. In 2018, if your site has minimal content, then they probably won’t be finding it at all. High-quality, dense content is critical for your search engine optimisation and your site’s ability to provide the information visitors need is a key factor in getting your website seen in the search results. 

SEO has changed from being a backdoor to a good Google ranking to the best practice for getting your website aligned with Google and other search engine guidelines. SEO is now more than trying to be found when someone searches for specific phrases; your organic ranking is an indication of how effectively your brand is expressed online.

You can only this with rich content featuring writing, audio, video and images.

Make sure your site is up to scratch

A comprehensive content audit and report is $150. Once you’ve completed your transaction, you will be asked to provide your website’s URL and a contact email address. 

Book your content audit and your report will be sent directly to you within three working days.