The diminishing returns of content

Every year, writing valuable content becomes harder. If you deal with a content company, chances are it is regurgitated from existing pieces online. A few years ago, Rand Fishkin coined the term “10x Content”, which is content that is 10 times better than what currently exists online. If your content company is writing your blogs, it is important to work with them to create work that isn’t only as good as what is currently ranking on search engines, but better.

When writing content or reading content sent by a content company, it is vital to check how closely it resembles what already exists. You’re not checking for plagiarism, because even the most talented and imaginative writer will struggle to find new ways to write about certain topics, rather you’re looking to see if the content itself is adding something new to the conversation. 10x Content becomes harder and harder to create when businesses have already been trying to create it. To compete on that level, suddenly your content needs to be 20x, 30x or even 40x. Unless your business is undertaking independent research and development, and discovering new technology, it is almost an impossible task.

I’ve talked about micro topics before and they can be a great way to provide your audience with detailed content. They allow you to go in every direction with your blog and cover as much ground as possible. Another way to achieve similar coverage is to take some inspiration from competitors’ blogs and turn their slight, uninformative content into 10x Content.

For example, the internet is full of listicles. You can’t walk anywhere without stepping in one. Listicles aim to cover as much ground as possible while expending little effort. They’re an easy way for bloggers to churn out content on a regular basis, but most only ever brush the surface of a topic. A great way to build your blog and find topics is to read listicles from other blogs in your industry, then turn each point into its own blog. It requires more work, but that’s what is necessary for an internet that is filled to the brim with the same old rubbish. Listicles used to be an effective way to incorporate many different key phrases and long tail keywords in one place, however, they’ve become so common to be almost no use at all.

5 easy marketing wins for eCommerce

  1. Optimise your website for mobile
  2. Get an SEO strategy in place
  3. Use PPC to generate interest
  4. Take advantage of social networks
  5. Introduce automation

Take this list from a marketing website. It’s fine, but imagine if each point was its own 500 – 1000-word blog. Each one would provide in depth detail on five important marketing points, instantly elevating your blog’s value and providing your audience with more information.

A key thing to remember about 10x Content is that it doesn’t stand still. What was new and original a year ago has now been copied, cloned and regurgitated a hundred times. As the internet continues to expand, the level of detail and nuance required to keep your content fresh and valuable to your brand is only going to increase.

The diminishing returns of content

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