The different types of content you need for your website

If you’re starting a new website, there are two main types of content you need to think about. Landing pages and blogs. Besides the standard home, contact and about us pages that come standard with every site, a new site needs:

Landing pages

Landing pages are extra static pages that form the core of your site. At their most basic, they are product and/or services pages, where each gets their own page and are described in great detail. These pages are imperative for keyword focused content and answering the immediate questions searchers ask.

After the essentials are taken care of, landing pages can be created for suburbs, states, countries, and just about any combination, you can think of. Keywords are often lumped in with some of the worst of SEO’s reputation, but when used properly they guide and shape the content, not overwhelm it.


Blogs are where you and your business show off your expertise. Micro-topics are an effective way to generate engaging content that establishes your knowledge and builds trust, but there are many styles that can be used. Depending on the size of your business and your industry you could include guest blogs and sponsored posts, user-generated content, staff contributions, client case studies – the possibilities are endless.

A blog doesn’t have to be one thing or another. The beauty of a blog post is that it can be purely editorial or opinion-based or it can be scientific with data and references. These are being posted on your website, which means you are free to define what your business’s blog is. This open landscape enables you to include a wide range of content, covering a vast array of topics from different angles and creating more valuable long tail key phrases.

Audio and visual

An extension of your blog, audio and visual content is a nice thing to have if you have the time and budget. Useful video content, such as tutorials, is highly valued and there’s no denying that well-made, professional videos can take a website up a step.

The different types of content you need for your website

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