Write micro topic blogs to stop ruining your business (and other clickbait)

What are micro topics and why should I care?

Not to be confused with micro blogs (Tumblr etc…), micro topics focus on the granular details of a subject. It’s about breaking down bit pieces into smaller ones, then breaking them down again and writing about all the tiny details that create the whole.

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Aim to educate, engage and inform

If you have a great topic for a blog, don’t simply dump all your knowledge into one broad piece of writing – that’s just a waste. Parcel out your knowledge into smaller pieces, both to ensure you don’t run out of things to write about, but also to help your audience understand the information.

Many subjects are too big and too complex to explain coherently in one go. If, for example, you were writing about computers, explaining how all the details come together to create a computer would take far too many words to do in any kind of detail. Your audience would struggle to read a blog of such length and your expertise would be wasted. Remember, this is a blog, not a research thesis. People are reading these things on their phones on the train or lying in bed, or killing time in line for lunch or coffee.

A living, growing website

Regular blogging is important for the forward momentum of your website and business. Splitting big topics into small pieces enables you to build a repository of knowledge that will continue to grow as you go deeper into the details. For example, for a subject like computers, you could write about the processor. But you could go even more granular than that. You could explain the hardware that is used, the software that it contains, the functions it performs, the way CPUs have evolved since their inception…. and that’s already four blogs based on my limited knowledge of these magic boxes and doesn’t get close to all the other elements of computer technology.


Google loves having all the answers, but it relies on other websites to provide them. Give people the best answers and Google will view your site more favourably. Keep doing this, week in, week out, month after month, year after year, and your site becomes an invaluable source of information.

Ranking organically on the first search engine results page (SERP) is hard and this isn’t a silver bullet. However, giving your audience the best content – not simply good or adequate content, and certainly not pointless content – is a big step in right direction to improve your ranking position.

Bow to my expertise

Micro topic blogging is an easy way to increase the frequency and quality of your new content. Make it interesting and make it informative, and before you know it, you’ve created an entire book on a topic that goes into much greater detail than any of your competitors’ blogs.

If you’re a builder, write blogs that focus on the small details of construction – the industry, the technological advances, offer advice and guidance, and discuss and analyse trends in building and decorating. Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy… every profession has minutiae that can be turned into detailed, insightful articles. Before you know it, you have developed a rich vein of content that showcases your expertise, both building trust and your brand’s reputation.

You have to start now

It all amounts to nothing if you don’t actually start though. Writing well isn’t as easy as sitting down and typing, but it is something you can get better at with practice and perseverance. Even a 200-word blog once a week is better than nothing. After a month, you’ve added almost 1000 words to your site, 12,000 after a year. Step that up to 300, 400, 500 a week and the word count skyrockets. Write a 1000 a week and you’ve written a novel in a year. The more you write, the more content your site has, the greater the chance someone looking for the expertise you have will find your site and engage with your business.

But you have to sit down and do it.

Write micro topic blogs to stop ruining your business (and other clickbait)

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