The albums I actually listened to in 1998

Sure, I love In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by the Neutral Milk Hotel. But there’s no way I was cool enough to listen to it when it came out in 1998. I discovered that years later. The same applies to From the Choirgirl Hotel by Tori Amos, A Thousand Leaves by Sonic Youth, and... Continue Reading →

How to manage your work day when you’re not in charge

Let’s face it. Chances are, at your job, you don’t call the shots. You don’t have control over where you can work, the hours you can put in and how you deal with other departments. The most frustrating thing about every time management or productivity blog I read, is that they presume people have the... Continue Reading →

How to choose the right music for your video

Music plays an important role in bringing video to life. It will set the mood of the not only the visuals, but for your company. Something sleek, smooth and jazz infused? Or a bouncy pop song? These are generally the only two styles that businesses are brave enough to go for. Consequently, most people just... Continue Reading →

That’s A Pretty Funky Groove

It's a two-for-Monday kind feeling. Two for Tuesday rolls of the tongue more easily, but sometimes it is more satisfying taking a different route. Probably not in this case.

What makes a good video?

Video is a powerful form of content and it is becoming more and more common on even the smallest business’s website. However, just because there is a lot of it, doesn’t mean that it is all of the best quality. Or even moderate quality. Most of it is rubbish. Getting good at the process requires... Continue Reading →

Pretty Bird in D – New Music Available

Hot off the DAW, this is the latest piece available for your next video. Just $0 and it is yours to use as you please.

Why video is important for content marketing

Simply – appeal. Videos are more appealing than long articles or blogs. With mobile data faster and more affordable than ever, people love watching videos on their phones while they commute, while they wait in line, while they walk through Flinders St Station, and generally whenever they need the most effective means of walking like... Continue Reading →

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